After performing for literally hundreds of engagements, I have found the following to be the best situations for which magic and comedy can make a very popular addition to the schedule of any corporate event.

Walk-Around Dinner Magic

The magician is the perfect addition to the cocktail hour/wine and cheese portion of your event. What a better way to break the initial ice of the evening than with some funny, informal magic performed within the confines of small groups. I have had comments from clients telling me that this was a great way to make non-company spouses feel “included” in the events of the evening.

Spouse Magic Trick Workshops

On those occasions where the spouse/partner may not be included in a meeting or presentation, the magician can provide a very unique, fun and educational alternative in which the participants can learn some very simple, but entertaining magic tricks performed with the simplest of readily available items. Some companies for which I have worked have even gone so far as to have playing cards printed with their company logo on the back. These workshops have proven to be very popular and a welcomed change from the usual offerings. This workshop can also be offered as a recreational part of the conference for all delegates.

Award-Winning Stage Show

What better way to relax after a long day of meetings than with a nice glass of wine, friends and a hilarious, award-winning magic/comedy show. This show has allowed me to travel the world and work for some of Canada’s (and the world’s) biggest companies. You will laugh, you will howl and hopefully, you will take a break from the daily stresses of this complex world we live in. Lots of audience participation guarantees a fun-filled evening that will sure to be the topic of water cooler conversation for weeks to come.

Hospitality Suite Magic

Usually the final event of the evening, it gives another chance for magician and delegates to interact in an informal setting. Because of the large volume of conversation taking place after a day full of information gathering, the magician becomes a little more passive in the hospitality suite, choosing to find a small table off to the side somewhere and entertain guests who happen along. But you can almost guarantee that a crowd will build around the table to witness up close and personal Patrick’s astounding award-winning skill; garnered from thousands of hours of practice, unfold right under their noses…a fun and interesting way to add a little spice to your hospitality suite agenda.

Trade Show Magic

Believe it or not, there are trade show performers who demand upwards of $5000-$10,000 per day for their performances…and they get it!  Why is this so?  Because a good trade show performer will SELL your product by making trade booth literature and products very memorable. The premise is simple: At a typical booth, people hand out company literature or some novelty giveaway item, AND DO NOTHING ELSE!!! There are no guarantees that the potential client will keep the item, or even read it for that matter.  Be honest with yourself with this question? When you attend a trade show, how much of the stuff do you actually look at when the show is over for the day? At the end of the afternoon, most trade show attendees will have an armload of information…and absolutely no time to look it over.  So how can these items actually convince someone to purchase a product?  They usually can’t. 

Market studies have shown that about 95% of trade-show literature/giveaways get dumped in the trash the same day they are picked up. 

People just don’t read most of the material received; the volume is just too overwhelming.  Now imagine this scenario:  A piece of paper is shown to a large group gathered around your booth (magic WILL attract more people to your booth than any other gimmick!)…the piece of paper disappears in a sudden (and safe) flash of fire and in its place is the company brochure, computer chip, lapel pin, pen or whatever item is desired to make an impression for your potential customers. Now I can personally GUARANTEE the potential buyer will remember that moment forever, and will not only read the literature, BUT WILL TELL EVERYONE ABOUT IT!… guaranteed advertising that cannot be bought any other way.  Because of this, I like to think that a client is not just hiring me as an entertainer; he/she is INVESTING in my service as part of the overall selling plan. 

Forbes Magazine actually did an article on a colleague of mine, Charles Green. He is the busiest trade show magician in the business…because he sells products. Not from an office desk, but from a trade booth. He has worked for most of the Fortune 500 companies from around the world. They know what you are just discovering…trade booth magic sells products!!!

COMDEX is the biggest trade show in the world. There are over 50,000 booths spread out all over Las Vegas…the city of magic itself…CANNOT SUPPLY ENOUGH MAGICIANS FOR THE DEMAND OF THESE BUSINESSES!!! This, if nothing else, should be enough to tell you that this system sells products.

Feel free to contact me if you would like to meet for a free, no obligation consultation on how to use magic to turn your next trade show booth into the most dynamic selling machine possible!!! GUARANTEED!

Product Launches

Magic is a great way to show appreciation to potential customers during special company promotions and product launches. The magician can do double duty: he can give people (and families) a reason to come to the event, therefore increasing exposure for your company; and second: he can incorporate your companies’ message/philosophy during the actual performance. People will then be able to understand exactly what the company is all about and give them a reason to remember the new product. An added touch is to have the magician use company products during the course of the show further emphasizing it’s existence. Giveaway items with the company logo, which would be used during the course of the performance, are also a great way for people to remember your company experience. All in all, having an experienced, professional magician perform for your customers is a win-win situation.

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