Outdoor Events and Festivals

Magicians have been performing “in the street” for much of the last 1000 years.  It was common for royalty to have magicians perform during events of the state.  In fact, depending upon the talent of the magician, they were among the highest paid of all performers, and were recognized as being part of the upper class of society.

Magicians still perform street magic today and many of the tricks and techniques from centuries ago are still being used.

In the summer of 1999, I had the opportunity to perform as a “Busker” with the Halifax International Buskers Festival.  I travelled to Prince Edward Island and New Brunswick to participate in two of their summer festivals.  Both were wonderful experiences and have convinced me that this type of performance is the one I enjoy most.

If you are planning an outdoor type of gathering, why not consider a “Court Magician” as part of your entertainment bill?  Think of it as bringing a little bit of history into the present. 

Birthday Parties

Kids love magic and what could be more fun than having a magician perform…right in your own living room for them and all of their friends?  You can sit back and relax knowing that everything will be taken care of.  Oh, and be sure to let the “grown ups” know that magic isn’t just for the kiddies…getting mom or dad involved can only make the show more exciting for the little ones.

The performance lasts about an hour and is jam packed with magic, and comedy with lots of audience participation. The grand finale is centered around the birthday child so be sure to keep a camera handy!

Each child will be given a small magic memento as my way of saying thank you to them for coming to the party.


I am available to perform table side magic for your next staff party or other special occasion at a location of your choice.

The premise is a simple one; you order your food and I come over to your table and perform a little magic while you are waiting for your meal to arrive.  The performance is done right under your nose and I promise that this type of magic will make a believer even out of the most discerning participant.


Having a magician perform table to table during a luncheon or dinner is the perfect way to create a light hearted and relaxed atmosphere to stimulate conversation, especially between strangers.  Magic can be a great “ice breaker”.


At a wedding, a magician can be the perfect “finishing touch” that can make your special day just a little bit more memorable for your family and guests.  The best time to have the magician perform during a wedding is when people start arriving at the dinner.  The bride and groom are usually getting pictures at this time and a little “strolling magic” might be just what is needed to pass those few extra minutes.  “Strolling” magic is just what the name implies; the performer “strolls” around the room and engages different groups of guests in an intimate, impromptu magic show.  Your friends will be delighted with this very unexpected and pleasant surprise!

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